Writing the Perfect Crime  
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  Do you want to write a crime novel?
Have you already started and need help?
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Crime is difficult to write. A crime novel is not about the crime, but about the character.
That’s why crime books become series and get made for television.
Readers want to be with the great characters that inhabit crime novels. And they keep coming back for more.

So, if you want to create a crime series, you have to create a world, and a gang of characters that draw people back. Not easy. Added to that you have to do all the other things done in a general novel, plus you must set up and solve a crime that will keep people hooked. And if it’s a series you’re planning you have to think about the characters’ development over a much bigger time frame.

Also crime is a broad ‘church’. There are many different sub-genres within the crime genre. Take a look at the best-selling crime writers. They are all unique in voice and tone, and cover a range of sub-genres, e.g crime thrillers (like my Rhona MacLeod books), procedural crime, historical crime, noir, crime comedy, futuristic crime, cosy crime.

So, what type of crime novel do you want to write? The best advice is to write the type of book you like to read.

Are you planning a series or a stand alone? If you want your characters to continue, you need to develop their lives, as well as solve the current crime.

If you’re planning a thriller, then you have to learn how to develop pace.

Having written eight books in the highly successful Dr Rhona MacLeod forensic series, run numerous Masterclasses in all aspects of novel writing and in particular crime writing, I can help you in a variety of ways.

- A report on your synopsis and first three chapters

- A report on a completed manuscript

- One to one tuition and mentoring

- Workshop groups to help, for example, with:-
  Plotting and pace
  Creating the perfect crime gang

Contact me to discuss your requirements in the first instance and I will advise on the time required and appropriate fees.


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